News | Fukuoka Language Academy uni Copyright (C) 2013 Fukuoka Language Academy All Rights Reserved. 2017-09-11 We held an school guidance meeting at our school.
Autumn is the best season to study. Let's go for the next step little by little.

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2017-08-16 We have started to seek upcoming students from April, 2018. Please apply to our school if you want to study in Japan! 2017-08-16 2017-05-30 We held the entrance ceremony for the 2017 April students.
We hope everyone will get used to Japanese life soon and have a priceless time in Japan.

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2017-03-10 We held the graduation ceremony.
We wish you good luck!

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2017-02-03 We went to Sumiyoshi Shrine for Setsubun (a traditional Japanese festival).
We hope you have a good year!

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2016-12-09 We went to Kijima Kogen Park on a school trip.
Did you have a fun trip, everyone?
Refresh your mind and let's get started studying!

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