Fukuoka Language Academy


Message from President

Fukuoka was a prosperous city, and also called Hakata in the past. The trading and exchanging was flourishing with the people in Asian Continent, especially China and the Korean Peninsula. Thus, there are many foreigners living in Fukuoka now. Besides that, the consumption index in Fukuoka is low, and easy to live. Our college is located in the middle of Fukuoka downtown. So far, there are many students come to our college for their Japanese study in purpose. Our teachers are making great effort to guide students’ study in order to achieve their goal in Japan. Most of our graduates go to universities or graduate school for deepening their further education, and some of them get a position in local companies.

Introduction of Fukuoka Language Academy


We aim the Japanese ability of our students is capable of getting used to the life in Fukuoka and penetrating into Japanese society, and even professional in their further study or research.


Our teachers are professional and value of their teaching experience. Our teachers are making great effort to supervise student’s study and life according to their individual situation.


Our college was established in 1992.


Now, more than 16 countries’ students are studying Japanese in Fukuoka Language Academy, and fulfilling their life in Japan.


Our college is close to the middle of Fukuoka city called Tenjin. It is the biggest and most prosperous area for business and shopping. The famous station called Hakata station is also locates near Tenjin. We could go to anywhere from Hakata station by train or Sinkansen. And it is very convenience to go to the Fukuoka International airport from Hakata station by bus or subway. However, our college is located in a quiet place for study.