Q&A inquiry
Fukuoka Language Academy

Q&A inquiry

Q :1. How to handle the admission?
A : The students could directly contact with our college to inquire about admission issues.
Q : 2. Are there apartments for students?
A : Yes, there are. It’s very near from the college and the downtown.
Q : 3. Could I do part-time job during study?
A : Yes, you could. All in-school students will get working permit, and could work part-time out of the school. Work at supermarkets, restaurants and factories, etc.
Q : 4.How could I do if I’m ill in Japan?
A : All in-school students are obligated to join the national health insurance and insurance for overseas students. The students bear 30% of the medical treatment expenses after joining the national health insurance system, and the medical treatment expenses afforded by the students will also be covered by the insurance for overseas students after joining the insurance for overseas students.
Q : 5.Worry about the future development and further study.
A : Entrance Examination of Japanese University and Japanese Language Proficiency Test guidance are also addedinto all teaching program, and guidance to enrollment is also provided, please take easy.
Q : 6. How about the enrollment of our graduates?
A : The enrollment rate of our college is 100%. Many students are enrolled to graduate schools and universities every year.
Q : 7. What are the annual regular events of the college?
A : Go hiking, Christmas eve Party and speech contest etc, and many extracurricular events are organized every year.
Q : 8.What’s about the passing rate of the entry?
A : We are a college trusted by Fukuoka Entry Management Bureau, and the entry passing rate is above 90% for each time.