Features of lectures
Fukuoka Language Academy

Features of lectures

Features of lectures


In order to equally develop the 4 linguistic skills of “reading”, “writing”, “listening” and “speaking” of the students,
the personalized and experienced lecturers will offer considerate guidance.


Divide the class according to Japanese level of students, and the easy and joyful class atmosphere will accelerate
the Japanese learning.


Offer more speaking opportunities to the students, improve the practical capacity of students. Regularly revise the lecture contents upon demands from students.


The lecture contents of the advanced class including reading of newspaper and watching TV news etc, and take the current events closely related to daily life and interests from the students as themes


The students intend to go to university or graduate school for further study could have countermeasure guidance on Entrance Examination of Japanese University and Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Description of Lectures

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